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HSA isn’t like any other M&A firm. We set the bar high for each other, but it’s a job you’ll love. Our support and enthusiasm let you home in on what you need to successfully get your job done.

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Located in the beautiful city centre of The Hague, our office is designed to provide everyone with a comfortable and modern workspace, ideal for productivity and creativity.

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Our office culture is based on our values, views and vibes. We take pride in our work, or environment and each other.

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Don’t be afraid to give clients advice they don't want to hear or speak your mind in a meeting. We pride ourselves on being brave and unique. We don’t automatically conform to the rest of the world.


HSA was founded by a group of lawyers who were tired of big law and the red tape that came with it. Together, they created an agency where they could work closer with their clients in a fresh and innovative environment.

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